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I’m back! 

It’s been already a month since I last posted book reviews and other bookish stuff. I’ve just been really distracted with a lot of stuff going on in real life making me have no time to sit down and write even a decent review. You may call it writer’s block or laziness, it’s the same thing for me.

So now I’m back here! You can already see that I had revamped my entire blog! Does it look better than the first theme I had? It still had the pink hues to it, because I really love the pink tones and it just screams me.

Now a quick run-down on what has happened to me since my last post.

  • I finally graduated college! I’m officially part of Class 2017 of De La Salle University – Manila with a degree on Biology! My graduation ceremony was last Saturday (June 17) and it is always going to be one of my most remarkable memories in my life. I’m now officially a house bum!
  • I got accepted in a medical school! I got my acceptance letter from De La Salle Health Sciences Institute’s College of Medicine last May, and my dreams of being a doctor is slowly coming true! I can’t wait to start on August 22! It’s really nice to go to my univ’s medical school, because I will still be carrying the Lasallian traditions to it, and also because my friends will be there too!
  • I opened my own online business in Instagram! I am the owner of @angeleillustrate, which is an online shop that sells unique bookish magnetic bookmarks! I have a lot of designs based from different book characters. My most popular designs are my Harry Potter designs and my Feyre and Rhysand designs. You guys can check out the other designs available. And also, I’m now open for international orders!

This is one of my 4 Feyre and Rhysand bookmark designs called “Chapter 55”. If you’ve read ACOMAF, you will know what this design means 😉


  • Lastly, I’ve been hoarding a lot of books lately. I don’t know why, but I just do. I have bought more books in the past 2 months than what I’ve read from them. I don’t know if I’m still getting over the book hangovers I got from ACOWAR and Lord of Shadows, but my reading progress has been slow lately. I just hope that it picks up soon.

So that’s the few reasons that kept me busy the past month! I hope to post more in the next days!

Until my next post,


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