Review: Her Kind of Boss by Kayla White

Title: Her Kind of Boss
Author: Kayla White
Release Date and Publisher: 2017, self-published(ebook)

Date Finished: July 2, 2017

Star Rating: ★★★.5


I turned to the man who had just pulled his hand off my ass.

The eyes of all the other patrons and staff were on us. I knew that no one was going to take my side in this scenario.

“You’re FIRED!”

I am just…

I need to keep my head above the water. I need to take care of my wheelchair-bound mother.

This new job has to stick. I can already feel the vertigo starting to make my head spin.

Carter Derrickson. My new boss.

He has quite a…reputation. At six-foot-three with a neat crop of dark hair, smart, successful, he has a trail of women across the city behind him.

He is too busy with keeping the family business healthy. Between his projects and meeting the stringent demands of his family, he has no intentions of settling down.

But as soon as his eyes landed on me, a smile that seemed plastered on dropped away and his eyes are sweeping up and down my body. He is savoring me with gaze.

All the floors below us are swiftly emptying of people. The thought of just the two of us up here – alone – it feels like something…

Come on, Hazel. Keep this together. It’s just nerves.

He needs me. He needs me to keep up with whatever he needs from me – could be filing papers, braining storming on new ideas…

But oh, there is one thing I haven’t told him. This could get really complicated…

Is there a way to make this work?

My Review:

[The author sent me an ebook copy of the book in exchange for an honest review]

This is more of a 3.5 than a 4 star rating.

This is my second Kayla White book, and I actually enjoyed this more than Guarded. While the office romance with the boss and secretary falling for each other is a bit cliche, I actually found myself quickly finishing the book. I haven’t read an office romance in a long time, so this was a really refreshing story.

Plot-wise, it was really short and cute. Both Carter and Hazel are your typical cliche-y characters – with Carter being the womanizer and big boss running a tech company, and Hazel being the struggling virgin jumping from job to job until she landed on being Carter’s assistant. I’ve read a lot of books already before in this story arc, so I was expecting a good twist into the story – and I did! It wasn’t much of a twist, but I liked how Carter finally pulled out his head from his ass when he started to stand up for himself and their relationship to his family. I was so confused as to why Carter’s family is such a pain in the ass, still overseeing a grown man’s work and love life like he was still a teenager. It was so annoying, and I really hated Carter when he let his father’s words sink into him and having him fire Hazel because she was a ‘distraction’. That really annoyed me, but I was glad he was able to redeem himself.

Character-wise, I enjoyed both characters and the lives they have. The sexual attraction between the two was undeniable during their first meeting, and I was excited to see how it would change their work relationship as the story goes. I actually liked how they didn’t give into their sexual desires until the end of the book and they were officially together.

If you want a good cutesy office romance with good steamy scenes, then this book is worth checking out.

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