Book Merch: The Rustic Library

Hey guys! I’m featuring a new bookish merch shop today! I’ll be showcasing the items from one of our local bookish candle shops – The Rustic Library!

The Rustic Library is a Philippine-based bookish merchandise online shop owned by Krys and Pia. Their shop has different products such as bookish soy candles in jars and tin cans, book sleeves, bath salts, salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, and roll-on perfumes! I actually love how the shop has a lot of items instead of the usual soy candles, because we get to choose from a different variety of products! They also offer customized orders if you guys want a character or book made into a candle or what not.

I’ve been eyeing a lot of candle shops lately but I haven’t had a chance to do so until recently. Everyone seems to be buying tons of stuff from this shop, and whenever I see their pictures on Instagram, I get a little jealous lol. So while I was browsing through their Shopee store, I suddenly encountered a Tatiana Metanova candle in their clearance bin! A TATIANA METANOVA CANDLE! If you guys have been following me on IG, you would know much I’m loving The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons, and I can’t stop gushing about it. I immediately had to buy it, because I haven’t encountered any local shops selling The Bronze Horseman merch. Without any hesitation, I hit the ORDER button.

After 1 week of waiting, I finally got my candles! Aside from their Tatiana candle, I also got their Tiberias Calore candle from their clearance sale bin. Can guys see how gorgeous these candles are?! Even though these are their last candles with this kind of tin cans, I’m still loving it!


The Tatiana candle has a roses and green tea scent. I expected the roses because of Tatiana’s famous white dress with the red roses pattern. I really loved the smell of it because it’s so fresh and light and very girly – it’s so Tatiana!


For the Cal candle, I loved its red color with the gold glitters – definitely a design on his Silver powers! And the smell – OH MY GOD THE SMELL! It’s a mix of  pine, citrus, black currant and lavender, and my first reaction to it was that it smells so manly! I’m not a huge fan of guy perfumes because they make me sneeze a lot and some have really overwhelming scents that give me headaches. But no, not this one! It just smells like a really handsome and nice-smelling guy that you can’t help but not sniff him all day! Even my younger sister loves the smell!



Over-all, my first purchase from The Rustic Library is excellent! The owners are very accommodating and super friendly, especially when I was inquiring about the candles’ scents and when my package hasn’t arrived yet. I even love them even more when they told me that they also have an Alexander Belov candle – and I can’t pass up the opportunity! My Tatiana needs her Alexander ❤ I’m definitely buying more from this shop in the future!

You can check out their shop on Instagram, Shopee (for Filipino customers), and Etsy (for international followers). They just added new products in their shop recently, so better browse their shop!




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