Book Merch: The Candlelit Shelf

Hey bookworms! I’m featuring a new local bookish shop again! I’ve been meaning to do a review of this shop for some time now, but I just got busy with school and I’m now able to sit down and do a quick review!

For this post, I’ll be featuring another local bookish candle shop called The Candlelit Shelf. The shop sells mostly bookish candles in glass jars and tin cans, but it also sells other merch, such as lip balms, magnetic bookmarks, and candle subscription boxes. I’ve been wanting to buy from them for a long time, since I saw a lot of people love their products, so I finally gave in the temptation and bought myself some candles!


My first original order from them before was my Night Triumphant candle box, but it’s a pre-order thing, so I have to wait around 4 weeks to get the box done. So while waiting for that, I ordered some Aelin Galathynius and Rowan Whitethorn candles! Obviously, I love Rowaelin, and I heard that the two of them are part of their bestseller candles!

  • Aelin – jasmine, lavender, smoke
  • Rowan – snow, pine

The Aelin candle reminds me a bit of something really sweet and the lavender scent is really strong! My sister even described it that it smells like candy – which is totally Aelin! The Rowan candle, on the other hand, is what the books describe Rowan’s scents are! And it just smells heavenly! I love that one a lot!

Immediately after that, I ordered two customized candles! Yes, they customize candles also without additional charges! You have your choice of scents too! So for my customized candles, I asked for a Tatiana Metanova and Alexander Barrington candle set! Yes, I was in this ridiculous phase of The Bronze Horseman and I really wanted more Tatiana and Alexander candles. So after many hours of research on how I wanted my candles to smell like, I was finally able to choose some scents!

  • Tatiana – strawberry, roses, sunshine
  • Alexander – tobacco, grass, citrus


Also, I’m the proud owner of their ACOTAR Inner Circle collection (not including Amren and Morrigan yet) and here are their scents:

  • Feyre – rose, forest rain
  • Rhysand – jasmine, citrus, ocean
  • Cassian – pine, sandalwood
  • Azriel –

I really love all of their scents, especially Rhysand’s! It’s just so him! It wasn’t too overpowering also, and I immediately fell in love with it. I just have to get the other Inner Circle candles to complete my collection! I do hope they put up candles for Elain, Nesta, Lucien, Tamlin and the other characters soon! They do have candles for each of the Prythian courts!

Aside from the Inner Circle, I also have their Night Triumphant candle box which is their first candle box. You guys know me, I’m a sucker for anything ACOTAR-related. Here are the contents of the box:

  •  Feysand tin can candle
  • Stars Eternal glass jar candle (my most favorite item) ✨
  • Court of Dreams glass jar candle
  • An ACOMAF quote magnetic bookmark
  • A Rhysand lip balm
  • And a Night Triumphant and Stars Eternal from @littleinklingsdesigns


You guys can already tell how much I love this shop! Not only is it the cheapest one I’ve found, but it also comes with a really great owner whom I love working with! She’s so nice, sweet, and very accommodating!

Make sure to check out their Instagram shop, Shopee (for Filipino residents), and Etsy shop (for international customers)

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