ARC Request Updates: Part 1

Hello guys! I’m sure if you’re following me in my Bookstagram and Tumblr accounts, you’ll know that I’m a part of The Book Robin Hoods, which is a new author-and-reader forum/club where authors can ask any of the handpicked members to review their books, authors can ask other authors to proofread their works, and reviewers can exchange a lot of ideas. I’m really happy to be part of this club, as this is one of the first major review clubs I’m currently in.


So since I started in the club, I only had the chance to request 1 book from Hannah Fielding, which is Aphrodite’s Tears. You can read my review of the book here. But around 2 weeks ago, I suddenly had an onslaught of emails from authors wanting to have their books reviewed! I was really so shocked to see all those Book Review Requests! So now I want to give you guys a pick at the ARCs I’ve got and are planning to read soon. I will be linking their Goodreads links and the authors’ social media sites in case you guys are interested in reading and reviewing their books in the future.

This is only one part of the whole post, because I want to keep this post short and cute, and so that you readers can have time to look through these amazing books and their even more amazing authors!

The Goodnight’s Kiss by Jennifer L. Hart


This is my current read right now, and so far it’s intriguing me – in a good way. This book is about a girl who has the capacity to kill any person just by kissing her. Yes, a deadly version of Sleeping Beauty. So she uses this gift of hers to track down sexual offenders. That’s actually what I mostly know about the book since I’m just 11% in of it. But the author promised me that I would love this book because it was a similar tone to ACOTAR and that it’s a new-adult-ish urban fantasy book. I can’t wait to read more of it!

Waiting on You by Joey Paul


This is a Young Adult novel about an internet relationship between a rich guy and a poor girl. While I’ve read a few books with a similar plot line, I agreed to read this book because I want to see if the author was able to spin something unique into it.

The Progidy Prince by Natasha Sapienza


I have been reading a lot of great reviews from this book all over WordPress and Instagram, and I was so excited to get the email from the author when she asked me to review her newest book! Her words alone that it is a YA high-fantasy novel immediately captured my interest. It’s about a prince who suddenly gets thrusted into the responsibilities of being the Crown Prince when his older brother vanished one night. He then embarks on a journey to a well-renowned school to get his training.


Has any book caught your eye? Let me know your thoughts!



One thought on “ARC Request Updates: Part 1

  1. THE GOODNIGHT KISS!!!!! My YA heart absolutely thrived while reading it *sobs dramatically*.

    Also that’s such a neat lil (probs not so lil) club!! A place of interaction is much more warm and personal than just pressing “Request” haha.

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