Feature Friday: James Trevino

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m here again for Feature Friday, and today, I am so happy to let you guys know that I have interviewed one of my most favorite Bookstagrammers and definitely one who makes amazing and jaw-dropping photos… *drum rolls*

James Trevino!


I remember that he is one of the first bookstagrammers who influenced me to start my own bookstagram around 2 years ago, and I would always love seeing his photos on my dashboard. I just want to thank James again for indulging me in this interview, when I distinctly thought that my message would go unseen lol. His answers were short, but definitely funny!

So without further ado, let’s get started!

How did you discover Bookstagram?

It was very much by mistake. One day I posted a pic of my then current read and I wanted to add some hashtags and boom.

How long have you been on Bookstagram? And how dojurassic you feel about doing it?

I’ve been on Bookstagram for about 2 years now. It’s been a ride, with a lot of breaks. I lost interest a lot of times because of my reading slumps, but oh well, what can you do?

How do you decide on your theme? Do you prefer minimalist themes or colorful ones?

Both actually. It depends on the pic I want to create. Honestly, I don’t really have a theme. Some of my pics are cluttered af, others are pretty minimalistic.

Do you have any tips and tricks about doing your Bookstagram posts?

Yes: make sure your pic looks good in that tiny square and increase the sharpness to the max haha. But seriously, most people like crystal clear, ligher photos. Also, change the hashtags on every single photo and make sure you have your own style. In nowdays oversaturated Instagram world it is hard to stand out.

poseidonHow often do you post on your account? And how do you decide on what to write on each post?

About 4-5 times a week. I wish I could post every day, but the reality is most of my pics take hours to make. I don’t have time to take so many photos. And my captions are pure spur of the moment.

Aside from books, what are your favorite items that you feature on your posts?

Clothes haha. In most of my pics, anyway…

Who are your favorite authors?

J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Robert Jordan, Serge Brussolo, Dan Brown.

What is your preferred reading genre?

Definitely high fantasy.

What are you currently reading right now?

I just started Unfinished Tales by Tolkien.


Tell me about your most memorable experience/s since you started your Bookstagram account?

I don’t think I’ve had just one. Generally my most memorable moments are connected to opening DMs. Some of them are unforgetable…

Since you’ve been on Bookstagram for some time now, can you share some pros and cons about being in the Bookstagram community?

Pros: you get to know readers, and that is huge for me since in real life I barely know anyone who reads. You get to discover books you wouldn’t have heard of otherwise. You get to read outside of your prefered genres.

Cons: You read less. Or at least I do and that is because Instagramming takes soooo much time.

Who are your favorite Bookstagrammers?

Well, my best friend @elizabeth_Sagan comes to mind, then the all inspiring @thom_reads .

What advice would you want to give to new members of the Bookstagram community?

I am really bad at giving advice so I will refrain from this one.


You can can follow James in his various social media accounts below






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