Review: Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson


Their world is one in which those who die in glory return as gods to live confined to a pantheon in Hallandren’s capital city and where a power known as BioChromatic magic is based on an essence known as breath that can only be collected one unit at a time from individual people.

By using breath and drawing upon the color in everyday objects, all manner of miracles and mischief can be accomplished. It will take considerable quantities of each to resolve all the challenges facing Vivenna and Siri, princesses of Idris; Susebron the God King; Lightsong, reluctant god of bravery, and mysterious Vasher, the Warbreaker.

My Thoughts

Every man is a hero of his own story.”

Another entertaining and very bright (literally) entry from Brandon Sanderson! As usual, this book did not disappoint, and everything he writes is just a true masterpiece. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, and practically inhaled it from start to finish (no pun intended).

It has the well-known and beloved Brandon Sanderson style of prose, plot, world building, magic system, and characters that would never fail to disappoint new and diehard fans. However, this is probably the book with the most comedy and romance that I’ve encountered in all of his books that I’ve read. The comedic side of all the characters were just so amusing to read and timed really well that everything was just so funny without it trying too hard. It also gave the dour and rigid societies in the story a refreshing tone with the characters’ amusing antics. The romance between Suseborn and Siri was just so pure and unexpected, which made me adore them even more. Other characters such as Vivienna and Vasher were some who I had doubts on at the start, but eventually loved as their characters and background become more fleshed out. But my most favorite of all would be Lightsong. He was just an amusing person with a heart of gold, and I loved him immediately at his first appearance and even more so until the end.

The book is so fast-paced and without any hitches that would dull a moment. Everything was just written so magnificently that I just kept turning the pages to know more. A lot of unexpected twists and turns happened that turned into one massive Sanderlanche. I still can’t wrap my brain around the huge plot twists that happened in this book.

The ending was wrapped up nicely, and would have made a good ending to a standalone novel. But it was also written in a way that would allow readers to crave for a second book (which we will be, yay!)

I can’t wait to see how this book connects with Stormlight Archives!


 “You’ve got color on the inside, so much of it that it bursts out and colors everything around you.

My Rating

About The Author

T.J. Klune (Author of The House in the Cerulean Sea)

The only author to make the short list for the David Gemmell Legend Award six times in four years, Brandon won that award in 2011 for The Way of KingsThe Emperor’s Soul won the 2013 Hugo Award for Best Novella. He has appeared on the New York Times Best-Seller List multiple times, with five novels hitting the #1 spot.

Currently living in Utah with his wife and children, Brandon teaches creative writing at Brigham Young University.

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