The End of the Year Book Tag

The dreadful 2020 is about to come to a close, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who is looking forward for 2021. A lot of things had happened this year, but I think the only positive thing I could get from 2020 is that I was able to read as much as I want that I thought I would never get to.

This tag is based from a post by Leigh Hecking, but feel free to do this tag too!

Suntag: The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge – Chocolate'n'Waffles

Is there a new release you’re still waiting for?

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I don’t really have any new releases that I’m looking forward too. The last one on my list is obviously A Sky Beyond the Storm, the final book in the An Ember in the Ashes Quartet.

What are three books you want to read before the end of the year?

I actually featured these three books on a previous post, so you can check it out here. But aside from those three, I’ll probably just mood read my way through the remaining days of 2020.

Have you already started making reading plans for 2021?

I haven’t exactly made my 2021 reading plans yet, but these are just some of the titles that I really want to get into when the new year comes. It’s obviously another big fantasy selection for me, as usual.

The best book(s) you’ve read so far in 2020:

I have read a lot of books this year, but these ones (and their corresponding sequels) really stood out for me. I found new titles to add in my most favorite books list, too!

The best sequel(s) you’ve read so far in 2020:

These books definitely did not have the second (or third) book syndrome in their respective series.

Your biggest disappointment(s):

While 2020 may be a good reading year for me, I still encountered a few titles that I thought I would love but didn’t.

Favorite new to you author:

2020 is obviously my Brandon Sanderson year when I first read Mistborn back in March, and now I’m currently reading my 9th book in his repertoire. Aside from him, I also discovered and fell in love with these other authors’ works.

The most beautiful book(s) you’ve bought read this year:`

We should always never judge a book by its cover, but these are just too gorgeous not to acknowledge.

What are the best books you’ve read this 2020?

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