Welcome to Transcore – Review: Paris 2119 by Zep & Dominique Bertail


Celebrated author Zep (A Story of Men, A Strange and Beautiful Sound) weaves a mystery borne from humanity’s addiction to convenience and technology, and the dangers such addiction can propose. This gorgeously illustrated, poignant sci-fi tale aims a spotlight on current social trends such as over-consumption, climate change, identity theft, and transhumanism. Painted in detailed watercolors by Dominique Bertail, this book evokes the classic science fiction styles of Jean “Moebius” Giraud, Enki Bilal, and Jean-Claude Mézières.

My Thoughts

The very concept of happiness is dead, since everything is accessible virtually.

Paris 2119, Zep & Dominique Bertail


I would like to thank Diamond Back Distributors/Magnetic Press via Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Graphic novels and science fiction aren’t really something that mixes together nicely in my reading preferences. However, the idea and summary of the story were more than enough for me to consider reading this.

Originally translated in French, Paris 2119 is a very short and fast-paced science fiction graphic novel about how the world is already on the ultimate cusp of technological advancement where things such as teleportation is already considered as a normal everyday occurrence, and “old school stuff” such as paper books and public mass transportation are deteriorating. The over-all concept was really promising, it just felt like it was a bit too rushed and simple. A little bit underwhelming. I would have liked to see how things fare out more if the story was just a little bit longer and the ideas were more expounded. The really good markers of a sci-fi novel (or graphic novel, in this case) were already there, but it just needed a bit more push into the right direction.

On the other hand, the art style was something more in my forte. The illustrations were compelling, and the color scheme used really matched the theme of the book. I liked how the illustrator really gave focus on the different new technology items in his world so that it was really easy for the readers to visualize what he wanted it to be portrayed.

If there was ever a second book in this novel, I would definitely be picking it up because I would like to know more what would happen, especially with how the story ended in this book.

My Rating

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