Stories that kept me sane in 2020

2020 is a year that no one wants a repeat of, or even talk about anymore. What should have been a great and productive year for me – also for others – was a total flop and on the opposite side of the spectrum. While my introverted self enjoyed being locked indoors, sometimes it also just takes a toll on me, but I was so glad to have discovered these amazing stories that kept my anxiety at bay, and preventing me from becoming stir-crazy.

This list is composed of things (not necessarily books) that brighten up my days during a lot of dark times. With just a few hours left here for 2020 before transitioning into 2021, I just want to thank everything on this list for making my 2020 somewhat more bearable.

The Big Bang Theory

I was already watching this show even back before March, but I could only watch roughly an episode or two a day (which was already generous) because I was busy with my classes. But when lockdown started and I spent the rest of the school year in online classes, this show has been a great rock for me. It was a fun, comforting rest that I needed after all those classes, and I practically binged this show everyday. I absolutely cried at the finale, and this has been my all-time favorite tv show. I still even watch clips on Youtube or rewatch some of my favorite episodes on Netflix if I’m in the mood.

The Cosmere Universe by Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere is almost equivalent to the Marvel Comic Universe wherein the books in the series are practically interrelated to one another. Each series is in its own “respective planet” with their similar creation story within the Cosmere, but the intrinsic points of the Cosmere universe just doesn’t lie there. So far, the current books are still in its early stages, so there is only a few minor interconnections being made. Brandon Sanderson’s works definitely made me fall in love with fantasy even more, and it has been a great adventurous escape in his books.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Available Now - An Official EA Site

I’ve already been playing The Sims 4 before as a way to take a break from time to time with school work. But when 2020 released a lot of new game packs, and with the unlimited time I’ve got in my hands, I’ve been playing The Sims 4 nonstop, and had even been watching Simmers on Youtube. Lately, I have been in that weird non-playing phase of the game, but I’m still an avid watcher of Sims 4 content videos. I especially love @lilsimsie ‘s game play and building content!

Jane Austen movies

If you know me well, you will know I have a deep love for Jane Austen’s novels. Pride and Prejudice (2005) is my all-time favorite movie adaptation to which I know all the lines to, and I always rewatch it every 3 months or so. But this year, I made it my personal goal to try to watch as much Jane Austen adaptations that I could, and my favorites had been Becoming Jane and Emma. (2020). I plan on watching the BBC adaptations next year!

RuPaul’s Drag Race

I’ve been seeing a lot of people who have been obsessing over this tv show, and since I had been in a reality tv show kick, I decided to randomly watch a season (Season 9, in fact), and I just found myself being sucked in a blackhole. I don’t typically binge-watch a series in one sitting, but I think I watched 5 seasons in less than 1 month lol. Not only am I amused and excited about the gorgeous drag, drama, and comedy, but this show just showcases a lot of valuable lessons, and RuPaul has been a great inspirational model for everyone. I can’t wait for Season 13 that’s coming on January 1st!

Save A Fox Rescue

Naughty Pet Fox Steals Mom's Phone And Makes A Break For It. -InspireMore

I follow a lot of animal-centered Youtube channels, so when a video entitled “Foxes Chatting” randomly appeared on my feed, I clicked on it and didn’t know I’ll be falling in love with the sound of foxes laughing, and all their shennanigans. Save A Fox Rescue is a NGO fox rescue farm in the US, and Mikayla (the owner) features their rescues all over the internet, thus introducing the world to the ever-famous Finnegan Fox and his friends! I love all the animals they feature in their channel, and their daily uploads never fail to bring a smile to my face.

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What stories helped you get through 2020?

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