January Wrap-Up & “Next Month’s TBR”

January has not been a good reading month for me in terms of quality, because I’ve been in a serious reading slump that I haven’t had in a very long time. Despite that I was able to finish 19 books, they were mostly composed of short stories and novellas that I’ve enjoyed. It was a definite mismatch of books for me this month as I was just basically picking up whatever seemed interesting for me at the moment.

Reading Slump – The Book Witch of Hogwarts

But nevertheless, my most favorite book this month would be given to Blood Rites by Jim Butcher – the sixth installment of the Dresden Files series. It really packed a punch from the very beginning, and it made me realize that I really need more comedy in my books in order to beat this reading slump. I didn’t count Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson here because I only had 150 pages left when January rolled around, so it’s more of a 2020 favorite for me. My runner-up favorites were The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend’s Sister by Meghan Quinn and Oliver For Young Readers by Steven J. Carino.

Below is the entire list of books I’ve read this month, and linked are my reviews for each one.

This was also the month I was able to reread more than what I’ve anticipated, so I’m not counting them in my original number. Rereading my favorite books is one method that helps me get over any reading slump, so I will continue to do so until I get pass it.

February TBR

Obviously, I still don’t want to set up my TBR next month because I am so sure that I might not able to stick to it. So instead, I’ll be prioritizing to finish the books I’m currently reading such as The Lies of Locke Lamora (100 pages in), The Duke Heist (25% in), and Dead Beat (18%). I would definitely continue on with my Mistborn trilogy reread, and might sneak in a reread of Warbreaker, too.

How many books did you read last month? What were your favorites?

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