My Quarterly Wrap-Up: Jan-Mar 2021

The first quarter of 2021 has been long gone, but it was a promising reading streak so far. I noticed a lot of bloggers and vloggers making their own quarterly wrap-ups, and I decided to do my own spin on it! This is my first time to create my own quarterly wrap-up and statistics for the books I’ve read so far. I didn’t want to keep of a very extensive progress report for my reading wrap-up, so I just mostly focused on what I think are important numbers for me.

You can head over to my January, February, and March wrap-ups to know more about the books I’ve read and my ratings for each of them.

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For the first quarter of the year, I had managed to read a whopping total of 52 books! That’s already halfway through my original Goodreads 2021 reading goal of 80 books. I’m actually pretty impressed with this number, especially since it’s just the early part of the new year. I’m still thinking if I should adjust my reading goal, but I’ll probably think about it some more.

I didn’t count reread books in this official tally because I reread a good chunk of books also this year, and I sometimes don’t add the books I’m rereading on my Goodreads record, so it’s inaccurate. Even I forgot the number of books I’ve managed to reread so far this year, lol.

My personal reading goal for this year is to read all the books in my physical TBR that I’ve accumulated over the years. But it’s so hard to resist the temptation of fresh and brand new 2021 releases with all my backlog titles. My Kindle has been working extra hard lately because majority of the books that I’ve read (both for brand new and backlog titles, and ARCs of course), are in the e-format. However, I did manage to tackle my physical TBR – which is a good thing!

Audiobooks were also a huge help in my reading this year. Almost 27% of the total books I’ve read so far are read alongside the audiobook version. My Scribd and Audible subscriptions were obviously milked really good.

I’m obviously not surprised that fantasy is the top genre I’ve read so far, since it’s my go-to genre. It’s a very unavoidable circumstance because more often than not, I’ll always go towards fantasy. Besides it, I’ve read a good number of contemporary, romance, and science fiction. Other genres I’ve read also but with a small percentage were historical fiction, mystery-thrillers, and non-fiction. Non-fiction was something I’ve recently just tried out this year, and I’ve really enjoyed my two choices.

As for how my review ratings went, it’s been a pretty good reading year because I’ve read a nice number of books that I gave 4 and 3.5 stars – which means is that it is really a good and enjoyable book for me, and something I highly recommend to other readers. While give my 5 star-ratings sparingly, there were definitely books that deserve those 5 stars. I also had encountered a handful of books that I gave 2.5 stars to, and that’s already a generous rating because they weren’t really bad but weren’t good either.

My Favorite Books So Far This Year

How’s your 2021 reading progress going so far?

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