Weekly Updates #3: What’s Going On With Me + Lockdown Birthday Part 2

It’s been a while since I did one of these, so I guess it’s time to do a new one! It’s also my chance to update everyone what’s been going on my life recently.

Another Lockdown Birthday

If there was one thing that I was already sure would happen, it’s that I would be celebrating another lockdown birthday for the second time. Last year it happened, it was unavoidable, but this year was questionable, especially how the national government has been handling this situation. So while restrictions have been slightly eased up, I didn’t even think of venturing outside just to celebrate this occasion, hence another lockdown birthday for me *fake hoorray*

But nevertheless, I’m glad that I got to spend my 25th birthday last May 23rd at home with my family and dogs, and all the food that I could possibly want. Nothing too fancy, since I don’t really like making my birthdays a big deal, and I was more than happy to just simply do whatever I want at the comfort of my home.

I just wanted a nice picture with one of my dogs, but he doesn’t want to cooperate

The day got even more special when my closest book friends – namely the Titos and Titas of BGPH – started sending surprise gifts my way, and I love how they just all went all out on me, and I couldn’t help but appreciate them even more after all these years we’ve all been together.

Of course, food is always the best form of gifts (in my opinion), and I absolutely loved how my friends Rafael, Jen, and Diane all treated me with baked goodies – and coffee! I actually have to make Rafael’s cake Safe for Work for photos, but I have the original version of it. As usual, I’ve always been a big fan of Diane’s cheesecakes, so I was really happy to see she’s working on her cheesecake cupcakes again! For Filipinos living within Metro Manila or nearby areas, you can order her delectable goods here at her shop.

Cakes from family (left) & Rafael (right)
Cheesecake cupcakes & cold brew coffee from Jen and Diane

Since I’ve been on a strict book buying ban for months, I didn’t really have a birthday book haul like I normally do, and I wasn’t really finding anything I wanted online. I decided to just splurge myself with ordering more candles from my new favorite bookish candle shop – The Cottage Candles PH. I just had to get the new candles from their collection, and I was even surprised that my fellow tita and friend, Prin @ Princess & Pages told me she’s giving me one candle from the shop when I order – which was just the perfect timing, so I got myself the Kaz Brekker one. Jen and Diane managed to surprise me yet again with another unexpected candle package from Wix Cozy Homes Mnl. Yes, it’s all about the candles for me!

Lastly, one of my closest friends on bookstragram, Jewel, asked me for my wishlist, and after sending her a few titles from my wishlist that I know are easily available in the country and that she has read and raved about, I received my gifted copy of Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo. Both of us have a deep love for Nikolai Lantsov, and she had already finished the book ahead of me, so she told me it was the safest yet most exciting book she’ll want me to read.

Bookish candles from @thecottagecandles & @wix.mnl
Rule of Wolves from Jewel

My friends’ gifts were amazing already, but the greetings and well-wishes from my relatives, book community and offline friends were more than enough to make my birthday even more special. Here’s to my journey into 25 years old!

June: Clerkship Preparations

June started off in a weird fashion. I’ve been busy lately doing a lot of paperwork and preparation, since I will be going back to medical school after my year off on July 1st. It’s going to be my final year, and it’s the one I’m finally be able to do hospital duties! For everyone’s context, I was supposed to do my clerkship year last year, but because of the pandemic, I decided to take a leave of absence especially after knowing that it was going to be a pure online-based experience – which I didn’t want to have. Fortunately enough, we’ll be finally able to do limited face to face duties in couple with virtaul classes. It’s better than nothing!

The past few days has been filled with school-related stuff, such as fixing paperwork, going to dress fittings for new uniforms, and packing up the stuff I’ll be taking back to my dormitory. I also got myself vaccinated of my first dose of the AztraZeneca vaccine from the hospital, as it’s both a necessity and a requirement. It’s a small sigh of relief to be finally be vaccinated, but I am still wishing that majority of my fellow Filipinos can have the same experience. It’s a totally different vaccination story progress in the countries compared to first-world countries.

This month will be definitely full of school-related stuff, so I’m trying to squeeze in as much reading and blogging that I could do, because I know fully well I might not have the free time anymore to do so.

What Am I Currently…


June has also been a rough reading month for me so far. I haven’t enjoyed the books I’ve recently finished, so I’m hoping that my current reads, which are Golden Son by Pierce Brown and Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse might kick me out of that funk. I’m also listening to both on audiobooks, as it might be helpful to curb my potential reading slump.


I’ve been doing a massive rewatch (yet again) of The Big Bang Theory! I started last month, and I’m now on season 6, and the fun and jokes are just as golden as when I first saw them. I just love this showso much, and I could never get tired of it.

Learn English through “The Big Bang Theory” – SitCom English Learning  Series Episode 3 | 3D ACADEMY Official BLOGS

How have you been doing lately?

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