Choose Your Own Fantasy Adventure Book Tag

Fantasy has played a huge role in my reading life, as it’s the genre I gravitate to the most. This amazing book tag game is a great way to make my own fantasy story including my most favorite characters.

I was tagged to do this by my dear friend Spens from Sphynx Reads over on Youtube, and the original creators are tagged in his video. Please go check out everyone’s videos, because all their answers have been super entertaining to watch.

Fantasy twin: Name a character you can relate to on a personal level.

One of my most favorite characters that I highly relate to and admire is Jasnah Kholin from the Stormlight Archives. Without saying any spoilers, Jasnah Kholin is part of the royal family line in this world, and she’s well-known for being a scholar. I was able to relate to her as soon as I met her in The Way of Kings because her stoic, fierce and highly intellectual personality matches my own greatly. Like Jasnah, I often tend to use logic and facts in solving any problem, and emotions are something that is often kept inside our hard and strong exterior. And also the fact that we’re both who refuse to play by other people’s rules.

Hero: Name a character that you aspire to be like.

There is a very long list of fantasy characters that I really aspire to be, but I guess I’ll choose my most recent favorite which is Virginia au Augustus from the Red Rising series, or better known as Mustang. I actually really enjoyed her character in the first book, but it wasn’t until Golden Son that I love her so much, even though I’m not yet finished with it. I’m such a sucker for strong and smart female characters, but still keeps themselves down to earth. Mustang’s character development just continues to amaze me, and I can’t wait to see how she turns out in the next few books.

Champion: Choose a character to be your champion in a duel.

I was pretty torn which character I wanted to be my champion in a battle, but I decided to do both of them! If magic is involved in a duel, I’ll definitely pick Kaul Hilo from the Green Bone Saga. Hilo has been trained to be the best jade warrior in his clan, so he knows how to fight well and survive despite the odds. On the other hand, if it’s just a battle of the blades and pure strength, I’ll choose Brienne of Tarth from A Song of Ice and Fire. I haven’t read the books yet, but Brienne has always been one of my most favorite characters in the show (despite its plummeting end), and like Hilo, she has defeated all the circumstances thrown at her, and is a very fierce warrior with her blade and tactics.

Unlikable character: Name a character you love to hate.

I don’t usually hate characters to the very core, but one of the recent ones I’ve met this year is Collum West from The First Law trilogy. He actually started out as a pretty decent character, but then something happened towards the end of The Blade Itself that got me “Nope, I don’t like you anymore.” After that, I haven’t felt any pity towards him in the succeeding books.

Tavern buddy: Name a character with whom you’d want to have a drink or spend a night on the town.

The introvert in me probably wouldn’t be the character who would go around bar-hopping or painting the town red. I’ll might settle in a cozy tavern and just chat with friends and enjoy a delicious meal. But for this prompt, the first character I thought of who might be perfect for this is Xiala from Black Sun. I just finished this book recently, and she’s definitely a character who loves to go out for drinks and get themselves stupid drunk, but have so much fun at the same time. I really want a tavern buddy like her to kick me out of my introvert space every once in a while.

Villain: Name a character with whom you would not want to cross paths

Though it may be very cliché, I still don’t want to encounter Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter series – ever. She was already very annoying and awful in the book, but her movie version just made her even more unlikeable. She may be one of the least liked characters in the series, but she absolutely nailed the part in doing it to the T.

Mentor: Name a character you would want to learn from or have as a mentor.

This was the prompt that I struggled the most with, and it took me time to sort through all the books I’ve read to look for a decent pick. I have never read or watched Lord of the Rings, so I can’t choose Gandalf even though he’s the most popular answer for this trope, and I also wasn’t extremely attached to Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter. It was then that I realized that until now, I still haven’t met that mentor figure that I got invested in. So for this one, I’ll probably choose my latest encounter with a mentor figure, which is Father Chains from the Gentleman Bastards series. He was a really fun and witty character with a huge head full of ideas.

Samwise: Name a character who you could trust or be your best friend.

This was another prompt that was hard to choose characters on, but I decided on two of my absolute favorites – Sylphrena from Stormlight Archives and Chen Kitay from The Poppy War trilogy. While both of them are very different types of characters, one of their best qualities is their unending loyalty to their friends. I would often get very emotional just thinking about them and reliving the many scenes that made me wish I have them as my best friend.

Found family: If you could adopt one character/give it a home, who would it be?

Lovable characters that you just want to adopt immediately are very common in the found family tope. I actually have to copy Spens’ answer and also choose Chauncey from The House in the Cerulean Sea. Even though I love the other characters in the book to bits, Chauncey’s innocence and his ultimate wish to become a bellhop just makes my heart crack and makes me want to build a hotel just so he could be the bellhop there. I would also adopt Matthew Fairchild from The Last Hours trilogy in a heartbeat. This spirted yet very broken young man deserves all the love and everything good in the world.

Feel free to do this tag too, if you want to.

4 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Fantasy Adventure Book Tag

  1. Aaahhh I’m so glad I’ve been introduced to the Stormlight characters already that I understand them somewhat 😅 Also omg you just made me more excited for Gentleman Bastards!!


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