My PhilMyth Readathon TBR

The PhilMyth Read-a-Thon is a yearly Filipino-based readathon hosted by Gerald the Bookworm running from March 28 to April 10 that uses Filipino mythological creatures as reading prompts. This is my first time joining this readathon, and I've been looking for an exciting readathon for months now that will help me discover new books and … Continue reading My PhilMyth Readathon TBR

20 SFF Books Written by Women on my TBR

March is considered as Women's Month - a great month to remember and continue to empower and give recognition to women in all various fields, no matter huge or small. Before the month ends, I wanted to do feature wherein I showcase the fantasy and science fiction books currently in my TBR written by amazing … Continue reading 20 SFF Books Written by Women on my TBR