January Wrap-Up & February TBR

January Wrap-Up The first month of the new year went through so slowly, as if we were in snail's pace. Somehow, I managed to read 6 new books and reread a favorite last January - which is already impressive for me, as I tend to read at a much slower rate recently. I didn't exactly … Continue reading January Wrap-Up & February TBR

12 Books I Want To Read in 2022

It's better late than never! 2022 provides a brand new start and another year filled with amazing new titles to be introduced to the world. However, like any self-proclaimed book hoarder (such as myself), it's just another new year wherein we'll be buried underneath our massive TBRs. I specifically did not do an elaborate reading … Continue reading 12 Books I Want To Read in 2022

May Wrap-Up ft. #AsianReadathon & #StanAsianAuthors Reads

Twelve books might not be my batting average number per month, but these 12 books were very rewarding and provided a great reading experience due to their quality content. So here's a run down of the things I've consumed for the past month! #AsianReadathon & #StanAsianAuthors Wrap-Up Prompts: Read any book written by an Asian … Continue reading May Wrap-Up ft. #AsianReadathon & #StanAsianAuthors Reads

April Wrap-Up & May TBR ft. #AsianReadathon and #StanAsianAuthors

April has been a very satisfying reading month, especially in terms of the quality of books that I managed to read. It was also another fantasy-filled month for me, but with some specks of romance and mystery thrown in the mix. And undeniably, the best book I've read this month and something I've added to … Continue reading April Wrap-Up & May TBR ft. #AsianReadathon and #StanAsianAuthors